VIP Hospice Services by VIP Services in Martinsburg, PA

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What is Hospice?

“Hospice” dates back hundreds of years when it referred to a place of shelter for weary and ill travelers on a long journey. Today, there are thousands of hospice and hospice care programs in the United States. The objective of the program is to provide persons with advanced life limiting illnesses and their families’ supportive care by an interdisciplinary team in their homes, nursing homes, and inpatient hospices. VIP Hospice serves patients in the following counties: Blair, Bedford, Huntingdon, Cambria and Centre. Hospice services require a doctor’s referral and are typically covered by Medicare and Private Health Insurance.

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Our Staff Wants the Very Best for Our Patients

Hospice is no longer a place, but rather an ideal and philosophy of care for the patient suffering from a devastating illness and their loved ones facing a difficult journey. The goal remains the same: for the patient and loved ones to find comfort and peace in the remaining days of their time together. Our hospice team includes: 

– Physician
– Registered Nurses
– Physical Therapist
– Occupational Therapist
– Speech Therapist

– Social Service Worker
– Chaplain/Clergy
– Hospice Aides
– Dietitians
– Trained Volunteers